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How to configure VPN (Microsoft)


Phase 1

Installing Cisco AnyConnect


1.1 Visit MMU CBJ VPN portal at . To use the portal, your computer must have the updated Oracle JAVA. Insert your username and password to login.





1.2. Click Windows 7/Vista/64/XP to continue. Your PC will be start to download and install the Cisco AnyConnect software.



Phase 2

4.1 Click “Start” menu, and choose “Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client”.


a.       To connect to MMU CBJ VPN, insert “”



b.      To connect to MMU AKH VPN, insert “”





4.2 Click “Connect”. Insert your username and password.


a.       MMU CBJ VPN



b.      MMU AKH VPN




4.3 MMU VPN service is successfully connected if the indicator is showing “Connected”.


a.       MMU CBJ VPN




b.      MMU AKH VPN



Phase 3

5.1 To test either MMU CBJ VPN or MMU AKH VPN service, open your browser and access to http://intranet/